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Bobbi Jo's Rooftop Café

This location is closed

By Michelle Gienow | Posted 9/29/2004

Cross skyline-view penthouse dining with a senior citizens’ apartment building in Hampden and you get Bobbi Jo’s Rooftop Café. The menu offers simple fare for cheap (plus an extra 10 percent off if you’re over 62) and is loaded with local specialties like coddies ($5.95 for two, with two veggies and roll). The homey food is prepared with care—the open-faced turkey sandwich ($7.95) is made with freshly roasted turkey, and the hand-formed burgers ($4.75) are fresh-ground. The sandwiches are all named after nearby streets and neighborhoods, and it’s fun to wonder: Is it significant that the Hampden Village burger comes “smothered in beef/tomato gravy” while the Roland Parker features “Bleu Cheese”?

Semiotics aside, the best bet is Bobbi Jo’s breakfast. It’s a chance to admire the striking view of downtown Baltimore before too much haze forms, while enjoying a bargain feed of fluffy pancakes ($4.75, with two eggs and meat) or perfectly cooked three-egg omelets ($4.25). The café is mostly patronized by seniors who live in the building (and presumably want to keep this place to themselves), but outsiders are made to feel welcome. Bobbi Jo, we toast you with a mug of your fresh, free-flowing coffee.

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