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Philly Gil’s Cheesesteaks

Phone:(410) 732-0079
Address:1641 Aliceanna St.
Broadway Market, South Building
Baltimore, MD 

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By Christopher Skokna | Posted 10/6/2004

Connoisseurs know that what makes a real Philly cheese steak so mouthwateringly delish, more than the Cheez Whiz and fried onion toppings or the quality meat, is the Amoroso’s roll, baked only in the City of Brotherly Love. So consider this more of a public service announcement than a review: Philly Gil’s, in Broadway Market’s south stall, makes its cheese steaks (and meatball and Italian sausage sandwiches) with Amoroso’s rolls, one of just a few places in town to do so, and they’re real good—not quite huge but big enough, dripping with Whiz (or Provolone or, American, if you must), onions, and oh-so-yummy steak ($6). Gil’s also makes some homemade soups (prices vary), and the Italian wedding we tried was good for whatever bug you’ve got, chock-full of stringy chicken and freshly made meatballs. Salads and, um, “wraps” round out the menu. (They’ve got to be kidding—put that mozzarella and tomato on a foccaccia or something, and we may give it a shot.) Some of those connoisseurs may argue that a trip to Passyunk and 9th is the only way to get a real cheese steak, but we’re not those people, so enjoy.

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