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Kyle’s Trinidad Caribbean Food

Phone:(410) 276-3232
Address:628 N. Chester St.
Baltimore, MD 21218

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By Michelle Gienow | Posted 12/22/2004

Most of Baltimore’s Caribbean restaurants serve Jamaican-style fare, with emphasis on hot pepper and jerk seasoning. But at Kyle’s Trinidad Caribbean Food, the flavor is complex curry instead of straight heat—though there’s plenty of heat for the asking. Nearly Kyle’s entire menu is based on yellow, cumin-scented curry—curry chicken, goat, beef, duck, or shrimp—though stew chicken (in a brown, peppery gravy) is also available ($6). The curry duck platter ($7) could easily feed two, but only if you were inclined to share the tender, rich duck, braised until falling apart in its slurry of curry. There’s also saffron rice and peas to soak up the sauce, and crisp, flavorful steamed veggies.

But the star of Kyle’s menu is the roti, an island wrap made with sensational homemade flatbread. Kyle’s fills the veggie roti ($5) with curry potatoes and chick peas, plus sauteed spinach and crisp-tender steamed cabbage and carrots. It’s so huge you’re sure you’ll never finish it—but so good it’s no surprise when you do. If you like yours hot, remember to request a healthy dollop of homemade hot sauce. Aloo pie ($1.50)—seasoned potatoes in a crescent of flaky homemade dough—works well as a side. Then wash it all down with homemade sorrel ($2), a tart, brilliant purple-red juice concoction that tastes of citrus and berries, or a bottle of real-deal D&G ginger beer ($1.25).

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