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Billís Place Carryout

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Cheese-steak sub

Bill's Place Carryout

Phone:(410) 945-1895
Address:1516 West Baltimore St.
Baltimore, MD 21223

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By Tim Hill | Posted 1/26/2005

We couldnít tell if Billís Place was even open, its dark and anonymous storefront blending into the rest of this mostly shuttered block north of Union Square. But a squint into the window revealed a gurgling lemonade machine and a cheese pizza warming on top of an oven. Though the inside offers little more than a tiled standing area and a kitchen behind a Plexiglas barrier, the menu boasts old-school grilled lunchtime fare, perfect for a brisk winter day. The cheese-steak subs ($4.50) were good, we were told, so we ordered one with grilled green peppers, onions, íMurican cheese, and tomatoes. The grill cook took great care with the ingredients, practically chopping the steak into a fine powder. The sandwich was good and tender, overflowing its chewy roll. The meatball sub ($4.50) was just passableónot bad, though nothing specialóbut Billís menu is large enough that if something doesnít hit home just move down the list. Maybe next time weíll try the cheese pizza. It did look good.

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