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Dragon China

Phone:(410) 788-1944
Address:6419 Frederick Road
Catonsville, MD 

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By Erin Sullivan | Posted 2/23/2005

Though takeout Chinese is usually pretty standard fare—you’ve got your egg rolls and your won ton soups and your lo meins and fried rices—you still never know what you’re going to get when you order from an unfamiliar source. For those in Catonsville/Southwest Baltimore, Cheap Eats is here to take some of the guess work out of ordering in. Dragon China is a reliable source of tasty, MSG-free victuals. We like to start with DC’s crab rangoon ($4.35), little triangles of creamy crab filling fried till crisp, and won ton soup ($1.55 pint/$2.80 quart). We usually like hot and sour soup better, but DC’s isn’t quite as spicy or tangy as we like it. Fresh, crisp veggies and huge, soft blocks of tofu make the bean curd with veggies ($4.25/pint) stand out above the gelatinous slop we’ve had at other Chinese takeouts, and we may have grown addicted to the moo shoo chicken ($7.50). Dragon China isn’t fancy, but it’s better than most hole-in-the-wall places around town, and they deliver.

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