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One-Eyed Mike's

Address:708 S. Bond St.
Baltimore, MD 21231

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By Anna Ditkoff | Posted 3/2/2005

The name conjures images of a dive bar, but One-Eyed Mike’s is clean, friendly, and completely lacking in grizzled old men with their heads on the bar. And the food is excellent, far beyond the usual lackluster hamburgers and chicken strips, while still maintaining pub-grub prices. The large menu includes a variety of warm and cold sandwiches, salads, appetizers ranging from bruschetta to nachos, and a raw bar. The blackened tuna bites ($7) are cooked on the edges but beautifully rare on the inside, complemented well by a sesame soy sauce. The warm roast beef sandwich ($7.50) is wonderfully rare as well, with a mild horseradish sauce and a crusty Parmesan-herb roll. With the pulled-pork sandwich ($7.50), a special on the day we stopped in, the pork was tender, the barbecue sauce sweet, and the kaiser roll solid enough not to turn into pink mush. For sides, we picked the simple but satisfying potato salad and One-Eyed Mike’s homemade potato chips, crispy with just the right amount of grease. Plus, everyone is so friendly, from our waiter/bartender, who practically did a comedy routine for us, to the other patrons, that we’ll go back not just for the food but also for the fun.

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