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Big Sky Bread Co.

This location is closed

By Christopher Skokna | Posted 3/9/2005

In Alonsoville’s weekend-breakfast sweepstakes, number of customers-wise, Big Sky Bread comes in dead last. And that’s not right. The food is affordable and generally terrific (we named it Baltimore’s Best Fancy Breakfast last year), the coffee good ($1), and the bread perhaps the best in town (Big Sky is first and foremost a bakery). On a recent visit, we had French toast ($4.95, made with sweet challah bread and topped with fruit) and a pancetta/cheddar omelet with toast and potatoes ($5.95). While we scarfed down the French Toast and loved the buttered multigrain toast, the omelet was somewhat disappointing (not quite fluffy enough, the pancetta overcooked) and the hash browns were underseasoned. To move up in Alonsoville, however, Big Sky should leave the food alone, and instead work on the atmosphere. A little music would be nice, and quicker wipe-downs on vacated tables are imperative. Make us feel like you want us there.

Big Sky also does lunch—a number of sandwiches on that heavenly bread. But again, more panache would be nice; instead of Ruffles on the side, maybe homemade coleslaw or gourmet-style chips. We especially like the Omigosh ($4.95), pastrami and Swiss on rye, and the Londoner ($3.95), grilled cheddar and tomato on English muffin bread. Good ingredients, really good bread

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