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Gambrino's of Spain

Address:885-889 N. Howard St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

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By Erin Sullivan | Posted 4/6/2005

The recently opened Gambrino’s of Spain is now serving our favorite dish: huge portions of delicious food, dirt cheap. It’s a tiny takeout joint, located in the former home of Downtown Southern Blues’ takeout counter on Antique Row. In addition to a few typical carry-out menu items like chicken sandwiches and fried fish, Gambrino’s serves charbroiled chickens ($6 for a half-chicken, $11 for a whole), pork ribs ($7 half, $13 whole), and roasted pork loins ($6 half, $11 whole). But the really exceptional menu items are the specials: shrimp Gambrino’s with rice ($8.25), for example, or the chicken breast with shrimp in wine sauce ($6.75), which is far better than similar dishes we’ve paid twice as much for at far fancier restaurants. The shrimp are plump and perfectly cooked, the chicken is tender, the sauces are rich and buttery. And did we mention the serving sizes are huge? Like, chafing-dish-size huge. No kidding. Go hungry.

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