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Country Kitchen

Phone:(410) 209-2290
Address:400 W. Lexington St.
Lexington Market
Baltimore, MD 

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By Anna Ditkoff | Posted 8/24/2005

When you get up to the counter at Lexington Marketís new barbecue joint, Country Kitchen, you better know what you wantóthe women who work there donít suffer fools gladly. And thereís room for error, even given the small menu featuring fried and barbecue chicken and a few other Southern comfort staples, because the plastic sign doesnít necessarily match the offerings. Donít order the coleslaw; they donít have it.

The upside of this brusque service is that in two minutes flat you have a massive container of food. With the meat of your choice come two heaping sides and two slices of white bread that you can use to mop off your sauce-soaked face. The chicken ($3.81 for the leg dinner, $4.58 for the breast dinner) was toughótoo tough for the plastic fork providedóand there wasnít nearly enough sauce. The ribs ($5.50 for the dinner) didnít have that problem. In fact, we could barely see the meat for the dark, rich, and pleasantly spicy sauce, although we once again had trouble getting the meat off the bone and ended up so covered in sauce that we needed a sponge bath. While Country Kitchenís meat isnít that great, the sides are damn near heaven, from the fat, candy-sweet yams to the wonderfully creamy mac íní cheese. Our personal favorite is the potato salad: Itís the love child of deviled eggs and potato salad, with thick chunks of both luxuriating in rich goo, and topped with a sprinkle of Old Bay in waist-expanding perfection.

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