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Monkton Village Market

This location is closed

By Christopher Skokna | Posted 9/14/2005

After walking three miles along the NCR Trail from Sparks (or longer from elsewhere), almost anything tastes good—even, maybe, an energy bar. Thankfully, the Monkton Village Market, just steps from the trail, offers tasty vegan grub that fuels the rest of your hike, or that you can pack and heat up when you get home. If refueling, have them make you a Monkton Powerhouse ($4.95), a sandwich filled with veggies, muenster cheese, mustard, and guacamole, or, our fave, the Totally Tapenade Wrap ($5.25), featuring the market’s delish black olive spread (also available in takeout tubs); they’ll get you where you’re going.

If eating later, turn your attention to the display case, and get a takeout container filled with curried tempeh ($3.95), not spicy enough but full of flavor and big chunks of fresh vegetables, or, especially if they’re fresh out of the oven, a vegetable strudel ($4.50), a scrumptious, buttery (but not) puff pastry filled with more of those fresh vegetables. And get some of those roasted potatoes ($2.99), too. We don’t know what’s in the spice mix, but it’s pretty addictive. Monkton Village Market also offers a tasty-sounding breakfast menu (vegan pancakes, granola, more of those potatoes), but it’s too far to hit in the morning for us city dwellers. And yeah, energy bars, too.

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