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Brewer’s Hill Pub and Grill

Address:3734 Fleet St.
Baltimore, MD 21224

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By Gadi Dechter | Posted 11/16/2005

The service was cheery, the beer frosty, and the juke tunes selected by the discerning bar crowd absolutely brilliant (Warrant, GNR, Trick Daddy). All of which made up for the decidedly mediocre pub grub at this spruced-up East Baltimore corner joint. Apart from the addictive onion rings, there’s nothing heart-stopping on the appetizer menu other than grease—at least judging by the selections included in the Brewer’s Pub sampler ($8.50). The mozzarella sticks looked like school cafeteria fare and tasted like the cheese rods at Chili’s, and the chicken tenders were barely so-so, even after a softening dunk in the accompanying bland marinara sauce. Your best bet on this side of the menu may be the Pride of Baltimore potato skins ($7.25), slathered in hot crab dip that’s too smooth but adequately crabby. Wings figure heavily on the menu here, so we figured they’re a house specialty—but the W.D.S. variety weren’t half as spicy as the sharp-tongued former mayor they honor. Still, at $6.50 for a meaty dozen, they easily constitute a full meal. And we regretted passing over the club or chicken sandwiches for the Babe burger ($6.75), which came well done, and smothered in A1 sauce and melted blue cheese. It was remarkably juicy for a charcoal patty, but they could’ve asked us how we wanted it prepared. Also, shredded lettuce on a burger is weird. Next time we’ll probably just skip the food and fill up on booze, atmosphere, and Erotic Photo Hunt.

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