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Joe Squared

Address:133 W. North Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21201

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By Wendy Ward | Posted 12/21/2005

The volume of the television over the bar almost distracts from the sea of cold, tall, black metal restaurant supply store chairs from the late 1980s taking over the dining area, but not quite. Until this new pizza joint ups the ante atmospherically, order your food to go and have a beer because, for now, Joe Squared is putting all its energy into its monster-sized square pizzas with stellar ingredients and fresh herbs on tasty thin crusts. On the meatball and spaghetti pizza ($11, $13, $16), oregano, roasted peppers, and flavorful meatballs were nestled amid angel-hair pasta. The Hawaiian pizza ($12, $14, $17) rocked top-notch capicola ham, along with Canadian and regular bacons, but we’re adding garlic to this one next time, to bring out the cilantro. Capicola makes another appearance on the meat lovers ($12, $14, $17), along with prosciutto, salami, sausage, ground beef, and lovely fresh rosemary. The chicken, corn, and apple pizza ($11, $13, $16) lacked the crushed red pepper that would have brightened an otherwise nice combo. Joe Squared also stocks a full bar, which we sampled, and its menu boasts an impressive listing of salads, pastas, subs, etc.

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