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Harbor Gourmet Deli and Salad Bar

Phone:(410) 685-1000
Address:201 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

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By Gadi Dechter | Posted 1/4/2006

The food court and Superfresh grocery store across the street in the Charles Plaza complex are still in the “coming soon” stages, but this sparkling new underground cafeteria offers a remarkable selection of prepared and made-to-order food at low prices that will satisfy all the but most pecuniarily challenged. There are four basic food groups on offer: sandwiches and grilled items, Chinese buffet, sushi buffet, and salad bar. Of the six club sandwiches, we sampled the roast beef ($5.50), which was crisp and delicious—crisp bacon, crisp toast, and crisply cold tomato. Only the moist, rare beef wasn’t crisp. Likewise, the cheese-steak platter ($5.99) was abundant and authentic-tasting, though the roll was a bit soft (not crisp enough) and the fries (though sufficiently crisp) got nothing on Piccadeli’s. While beautifully presented in salad-bar trays, the sushi ($5.95/pound) could be fresher. The tuna and avocado roll smelled fishy, but the cooked shrimp tempura roll was nice, and it was crisp. Of the Chinese fare ($5.95/pound), we tried the chicken lo mein and sweet and sour chicken; the noodles were salty-good but the poultry a bit long in the tooth and tough on the teeth. It would take dozens of lunches to sample all the food here. Next time, we’ll head straight for the sandwich line to check out the 14 New York-themed specialty sandwiches ($4.99-$5.50).

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