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Pleasures of the Damned

Pleasures of the Damned

Director:"Antonello Giallo"
Release Date:1979
Genre:Comedy, Horror

At the Top Floor Theatre March 24 at 8 p.m.

By Joe MacLeod | Posted 3/22/2006

One-hundred-and-twenty-three minutes of perfunctory illegal drug use, rape, torture, cannibalism, gore, incest, genital mutilation, violence, masturbation, devil-worship, ironically executed false mustaches, fat guys, bad bad-sound recording, and actors who are either poorly directed or maybe simply were hoping you would see them smirking so you don’t think they took any of this shit seriously, all in the guise of a revival of the late, legendary director “Antonello Giallo’s” flick Piaceri del Maledetto, an undiscovered, out-of-print, banned, lost, obscure 1979 Italian horror movie purportedly full of that amusing Italian low-budget je ne sais quoi. It appears in Baltimore courtesy Mark Colegrove’s Dire Wit Films, bringing underground cinema to a previously unimaginable depth of quality. Yeah. And not to speak ill of the dead, but we’d like someone to dig up Mr. Giallo’s corpse and tell him, contrary to popular belief, just because one can create a low-budget movie doesn’t necessarily mean one should, capice?

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