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Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector

By Jess Harvell | Posted 3/29/2006

Dan Whitney might be the smartest comedian on Earth. Reading the moment perfectly, his Larry the Cable Guy makes serious bank off both honest-to-goodness rednecks and the people who laugh at them. Politically incorrect but too braindead to be political, cuddly in a “have you hugged your gun nut today?” kinda way, Larry is perversely appealing, like the guy at the next stool feeding you off-color jokes all night. That said, this movie is terrible. The world’s most slovenly health inspector, laid-back Larry confounds his jittery boss and his new hard-nosed female (of course) partner, while ribbing crazy foreigners speakin’ foreign talk, queers, and uppity book-learnin’ types. As with the Ace Ventura and Deuce Bigalow series, it’s all downhill once the actual plot kicks in—someone is making it look like the city’s top restaurants are poisoning their customers, just in time for the annual Top Chef competition, and nothing makes for poop and pee and puke jokes like food poisoning—and the limp-wristed moralizing (people shouldn’t judge this dumb-ass any more than this dumb-ass judges others) is specious at best. It’s something best enjoyed on the couch on Sunday morning with a hangover, rather than in a theater surrounded by a few dozen Larrys on a Sunday afternoon, hangover optional though not recommended.

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