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Scary Movie 4

By Cole Haddon | Posted 4/19/2006

Why even read this review? You know Scary Movie 4 is going to be bad and yet, no matter what critics say, if itís your thing youíre still going to see it anyway. Scary Movie 4, the second in the series by the Airplane!/Naked Gun/Hot Shots! team of director David Zucker and writer Jim Abrahams, is no different: littered with toilet humor, celebrity cameos, and parodies of popular movies. It abuses the senses in every possible way imaginable with a relentlessness that proves exhaustingly dull, even at a whopping 83 minutes long. The big send-ups this time out are The Grudge and War of the Worlds, with series mainstay Cindy Campbell (Anna Faris) living next door to Tom Cruise . . . er, Tom Ryan (Craig Bierko) as tripod aliens start their attack. Everything that follows is just an excuse to poke fun at whatever was big since the last Scary Movie came out: Saw, The Village, Million Dollar Baby, andówait for itóBrokeback Mountain. Itís all symptomatic of a series that has grown to depend upon gags and situational comedy rather than comic performances, comic timing, or even just comic writing.

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