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Director:Will Shriner
Cast:Logan Lerman, Bret Larson, Cody Linley, Luke Wilson
Release Date:2006
Genre:Comedy, Family

Opens May 5

By Al Shipley | Posted 5/3/2006

As a well-meaning kiddie comedy that preaches about preserving endangered species in the face of corporate expansion, you could do much worse for family entertainment than Hoot. Officer Delinko (Luke Wilson) is a bumbling police officer in a sleepy Florida town called Coconut Cove, where he’s investigating vandalism on the construction site of a pancake house. Roy (Logan Lerman) is a high-schooler who just moved to Florida from Montana and quickly stumbles upon the strange barefooted kid behind the sabotage, who goes by the name of Mullet Fingers (Cody Linley). Turns out that nature boy lives in the woods without the knowledge of anyone but his sister Beatrice (Brie Larson) and is just trying to protect the burrowing owls that live right where Mother Paula’s Pancake House is about to set up shop. The movie is based on Carl Hiaasen’s award-winning best seller and helmed by a director from TV comedy, but you wouldn’t know it; Hoot doesn’t try very hard to be funny, and when it is people tend to get hit on the head with golf balls and coconuts. More amusing are the bizarre attempts at folksy dialogue—“Don’t just stand there like a sea gull”—and gags that are delivered almost too subtly to be noticed, like the environmental worker who protects endangered species while absent-mindedly swatting at flies in his office.

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