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La Mujer De Mi Hermano

La Mujer De Mi Hermano

Director:Ricardo de Montreuil
Cast:B‡rbara Mori, Christian Meier, Manolo Cardona, Gaby Espino, Beto Cuevas, Bruno Bichir, Angélica Aragón
Release Date:2006
Genre:Drama, Foreign

Opens May 5 at Muvico Egyptian 24

By Bret McCabe | Posted 5/3/2006

With a title like “My Brother’s Wife,” inhumanly hot leads, and a modern Latin American setting, you know exactly what kind of soapy melodrama you’re in for here. Unfortunately, director Ricardo de Montreuil shoots this perfect kindling for telenovela histrionics as if it were the love child of gauzy erotica and a Crate and Barrel catalog. Zoe (Bárbara Mori) is smoldering wife trapped in a listless marriage. Her husband, Ignacio (Christian Meier), waxes his back, wears two pairs of socks, and only gives her the sweet loving on Saturdays. And from the first moment you first see the kinky-haired, bearded artiste brother Gonzalo (Manolo Cardona), you know it’s only a matter of time before he and Zoe have yodeling monkey sex. If only Mujer wanted its characters to enjoy getting naked. Instead, what turgidly unfolds is a hand-wringing slow ooze of repressed memories, suffocating religion, sibling rivalry, and secret rendezvous. But other than being a vehicle for Mori’s practically flawless beauty, Mujer plays everything as serious as a nun. Zoe even has a throwaway gay male friend with whom she commiserates and who utters such dead frogs as “Every woman deserves to act like a slut sometimes” and “I’m a philanthropist with my ass—I give it to the neediest” as if they came from Strindberg’s pen. This was produced by a company called Shallow Entertainment. No shit.

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