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Regarding Henry

Regarding Henry

Director:Mike Nichols
Cast:Harrison Ford, Bill Nunn, Annette Benning
Release Date:1991

At the Baltimore Museum of Art May 12 at 7:30 p.m.

By Max Weiss | Posted 5/10/2006

Having problems with the little woman? Cruel to your employees? Would most people consider you a schmuck? Fret not, Regarding Henry (1991) has a solution for you. Director Mike Nichols offers a quick solution to your bad attitude: brain damage. Once Harrison Ford’s previously Gordon Gekko-like Henry Turner suffers a bullet wound to the head, he becomes a passive, tentative, childlike creature. And oh, Henry is so cute. Look at those earnestly searching eyes, that precarious way he repeats phrases out of context, that shuffling walk. But everything is so delicate and discreet here: Henry goes from an unresponsive vegetable to a walking, talking facsimile of his former self in the space of 20 minutes. In the hospital, Henry meets Mr. Life Affirmation physical therapist Bradley (Bill Nunn), who patiently and lovingly leads Henry down the road to rehabilitation. And Henry’s wife, Sarah (Annette Benning), couldn’t be more understanding. So what if she and Henry are going broke? So what if Henry now has the intelligence of a child? It’s almost as if screenwriter J.J. Abrams went out of his way not to bum us out—quite an accomplishment for a movie about a man who gets shot in the head.

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