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See No Evil

See No Evil

Director:Gregory Dark
Cast:Glen Jacobs, Jason Chong, Craig Horner, Trent Huen, Tiffany Lamb
Release Date:2006

By Gary Dowell | Posted

Produced by the WWE, directed by former porn maker Gregory Dark, and starring pro wrestler Kane in his big-screen debut, the dull and tedious splatter-fest See No Evil is, sadly, not even half as intriguing as its skuzzy pedigree. The setup is simple: A corrections officer and counselor shepherds eight delinquents on a work-release program that has them helping to renovate a run-down hotel—complete with two-way mirrors and secret passages—built by an eccentric businessman and now home to an eyeball-plucking serial killer. (In your face, Scared Straight.) Wackiness ensues, and it’s all very routine: Mute psycho killer dismembers nubile coeds and a couple of unfortunate adults whenever they get busy drinking, drugging, and/or humping. The big twist here is that almost all the victims are so thoroughly obnoxious and repugnant that it’s hard not to sympathize with the ax-wielding loon. Like most entries in the genre, it inflicts its harshest indignities on the female characters, and in the process exhibits a curious, stunted sense of irony while force-feeding a snotty rich bitch her cell phone and having an animal-loving hippie chick torn apart by wild dogs. Distributor Lions Gate seems hellbent on repeating its inexplicable success with the Saw franchise. Here’s hoping that the WWE and Dark will stick with what they know best, Wrestlemania and Hootermania, respectively.

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