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Waist Deep

Waist Deep

Director:Vondie Curtis-Hall
Cast:Tyrese Gibson, Meagan Good, Larenz Tate, The Game
Release Date:2006
Genre:Action, Suspense

By Bret McCabe | Posted 6/28/2006

Save a completely unbelievable ending, Vondie Curtis-Hallís Waist Deep muscles along as a daft bit of ultraviolence and middle-finger social observation. Against a background of widespread South Central Los Angeles unrest over news reports of a Dawson family-style, stop-snitching payback arson, recently paroled ex-con O2 (Tyrese Gibson) gets back up to his beefy neck in the shit again when heís carjacked with his son in the backseat. You know all this from the trailersówhat you donít know is that it all takes place barely five minutes into this tough, lean portrayal of what desperate people are willing to do in order to get out of their individual earthbound hells. Much as Curtis-Hallís underrated Gridlockíd was a bitter evisceration of public-health bureaucracy, Deep spends some good minutes bitch-slapping activists hand-wringing crime proliferation only when the news cameras are rolling. Meanwhile, O2 teams up with the equally life-shat-upon Coco (Meagan Good) to raise the $100K to buy O2ís boy off thug kingpin Meat (a fuglified, one-eyed the Game), so named because he likes to machete hack sides of flesh off people who disappoint him. Merciless, witty, and ever more depressing by the second, Deep bores along like a streamlined doom machine until its final minutes, when that BS coda comes along to ruin the whole thing.

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