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Little Man

By Joe MacLeod | Posted 7/19/2006

Marlon Wayans (White Chicks, Scary Movie 2) stars as Calvin, a diminutive yet fearsome hood with a gargantuan propensity for violence in mufti as an infant for purposes of thievery, and as the major comedic conceit in this heavily loaded disposable diaper of a PG-13 comedy featuring all kinds of poop and fart gags, plus attempted forced sodomy, rape, and a hockey player putting the boots—skates, actually—to someone he believes to be an infant. The mind reels. Sure, it’s only a movie, but there’s a callous thread of sexual and physical violence fueling most of the jokes running through this flick, and as we exited the screening we asked ourselves, Is this a sick fucking country or what? However, David Alan Grier can do no wrong. We shoulda left after the first 10 minutes.

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