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Director:Preston A. Whitmore II
Cast:Anthony Mackie, Wesley Jonathan, Eva Pigford, Wayne Brady
Release Date:2006
Genre:Drama, Sports

Posted 9/6/2006

Set in working-class Detroit, Crossover could be described as 8 Mile with street ball, but that would be a pretty generous comparison. Shot with no stars--unless you count Wayne Brady--and what looks to be the budget of a TV movie, Crossover offers little dramatically. Worse, it doesn’t even deliver where you’d expect it to, with flashy B-ball antics and stunt shots. Instead, you get three brief scenes of extreme hoops, strung together by a convoluted story about two young black men trying to take the right path in life. Wesley Jonathan plays Cruise, a teenage basketball prodigy who’s struggling with whether to take a college scholarship or gamble on going pro. Anthony Mackie plays Tech--as in "technical foul"--who spent his senior year locked up after taking the fall for Cruise so that his best friend wouldn’t miss his shot at fame and fortune. Eva Pigford shakes off some of that America’s Next Top Model glitz and glamour to convincingly portray Vanessa, a gold-digging chickenhead who is all too willing to get freaky in a swimming pool to nab a man with NBA prospects. But we all know that Cruise will make right decision in the end, right? Right.

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