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By Cole Haddon | Posted 9/20/2006

When Confetti, Britain's leading, fictional glamour-wedding magazine, offers up a 500,000 house to whomever can come up with the year's most original fantasy wedding, three teams are chosen to compete for the prize. Shot in the Christopher Guest mockumentary style, including structured improvisational chaos, Confetti--the movie--relies on charm, deadpan humor, and the utter likableness of Martin Freeman (Tim from the BBC's original The Office) as a contestant to win your heart as the three teams' themes are put through the ringer: Hollywood musicals, tennis, and naturism (yes, nudism). Such unlikely, even illogical contestant choices could be why, despite how much fun Confetti is, it never really takes off. The emotions and behaviors all feel fundamentally true, but the decisions--such as picking a pair of naturists to compete only to tell said naturists they can't actually marry au naturel--make for an unconvincing tale. Still, the movie manages to tap into the wedding industry's bizarre competitiveness as brides and grooms compete in games of one-upmanship to prove that bigger is, indeed, better--and manages to find a heart that lies buried under such pettiness.

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