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Because I Said So

By Wendy Ward | Posted 2/7/2007

Forgivable Diane Keaton plays cake baker Daphne, the neurotic single mother of three lovely girls, two of whom got rings in the opening scenes of weddings galore in this contrived farce of a chick flick. Mandy Moore plays Daphne's baby girl, Milly, the focus of all Daphne's projected sexual frustration and fear of loneliness. Daphne posts an ad on a dating site for Milly, finds slick architect Jason (Tom Everett Scott) and sensitive musician Johnny (Gabriel Macht), but won't stop injecting herself into Milly's love life until she loses both prospects--or does she? As you know, a family of four women means they are all on the phone with each other all the effing time. It's exhausting, like Gilmore Girls (eldest daughter Maggie is played by Lauren Graham) multiplied by Coyote Ugly (middle and supersexual daughter Mae is played by Piper Perabo) added to Annie Hall dialed to 11, minus any charm or so-bad-it's-good fun. Keaton outshines all three fresh young ladies, proving women need not fear getting older, but the klutzy, clumsy hysteria has got to stop. Not even Daphne getting it on with sexy, funny Joe (Stephen Collins--the dad from Seventh Heaven, seriously) makes this stinker sweet. There's even a musical number for fuck's sake.

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