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Wild Hogs

Wild Hogs

Director:Walt Becker
Cast:Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence, William H. Macy, Ray Liotta
Release Date:2007

By R. Darryl Foxworth | Posted 3/7/2007

The sight of four leather-clad, suburban middle-aged men on motorcycles begs the question: Has middle-class suburbia become so mind-numbingly boring that old geezers have to resort to the exhilaration that comes from riding Harleys at 80 mph, their receding hairlines blowing in the wind? No amount of Viagra could help this ragtag quartet: Doug (Tim Allen) outgrew his rebellious days to become a family man, but now his son thinks he's completely lame; Woody's (John Travolta) life is a farce, his million-dollar fortune and marriage with his supermodel wife on the skids; Bobby (Martin Lawrence) lives in the shadow of his authoritarian wife; and Dudley (William H. Macy) is the ultimate middle-aged loser/geek. So off to the road they go to rediscover their lost freedom, until a biker gang led by the dependable Ray Liotta--who is sick of suburban wannabe biker types--threatens to end their fun. Wild Hogs is filled with former big-time stars poking fun at midlife crisis--a comedic masterpiece it ain't. But entertaining? Sure. Corny? You bet. But in this age of gross-out comedies and pretentious humor these pigs are welcome--and they don't completely stink, either.

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