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A Love to Hide

A Love to Hide

Director:Christiane Faure
Cast:Jérémie Renier, Louise Monot, Bruno Todeschini
Release Date:2007
Genre:Drama, War

By Bret McCabe | Posted 4/11/2007

Director Christian Faure's made-for-French-TV Un Amour à Taire is not only head/shoulders above the majority of American TV telepics but is on par with any number of passion- and intrigue-laden French WWII period flicks, sharing their great production values and perhaps overly discrete penchant for melodramatic plot lines. Sara (Louise Monot) is a lovely young Jewish woman who escapes from Nazis in occupied Paris, fleeing to the only address she knows-the launderers owned by the family of Jean (Jérémie Renier), who she met every year on holiday with her family while growing up. Her entire family dead, he agrees to hide her with his lover, the rakishly handsome Philippe (Bruno Todeschini), a clandestine papers forger. Jean's collaborator brother Jacques (Nicolas Gob) passes addresses of abandoned Jewish flats to looters for a share of the pillage, and when he takes a shine to Sara-rechristened Yvonne with Philippe-forged papers and working at the laundry-his snooping around the trio uncovers his brothers homosexuality, after which is it only a matter of Faure turning the right screws for the subsequent Vichy horrors and persecution to arrive.

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