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Arctic Tale

Arctic Tale

Director:Adam Ravetch
Release Date:2007

By Lauren Svrjcek | Posted 8/15/2007

This documentary depicts the harsh realities of living in the Arctic and focuses on the lives of a young walrus (Seela) and a young polar bear (Nanu) over the course of three years. Subtly hinted at during the body of the movie, however, is its main agenda: bringing awareness to the problems global warming is causing. Each time Seela and Nanu awake from hibernation, their homes have less ice and survival becomes less likely. Under normal circumstances, Arctic Tale, edited into a loose narrative, wouldn't be strong enough to stand alone as a documentary and would be better suited as a television program. But through its message it gains power and with its PSA-like credits, featuring kids giving suggestions on how to use less energy, provides practical solutions to problems. Aside from showing the animals' daily routines, like eating and resting, the movie includes a dynamic chase scene between a polar bear and a seal that questions the allegiances you may feel for both animals. Queen Latifah's narration is full of punch lines and colloquialisms that lighten the depressing theme, and cuddly snuggles and clumsy falls always inspire a chorus of "aww."

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