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The Short Films Of Roger Beebe

The Short Films Of Roger Beebe

Director:Roger Beebe
Release Date:2007

By Bret McCabe | Posted 9/5/2007

The experimental shorts of Florida-based experimental filmmaker Roger Beebe offer an incisive look at the mundane world that peels off the patina of normalcy to reveal the cultural and historical tensions underneath. His "Strip Mall Trilogy" takes a collage approach to looking at the titular subject--part bravura rapid-fire editing collage, part sound/image frisson, part exploration of similar visual forms, the short works like those David Hockney portraits of people made up of numerous individual smaller photos, the big picture something with which you're familiar but the process showing you a different side of it. It's a revelatory process that courses through his work--the smart exploration of gender roles in "A Woman, A Mirror," the tour-de-force satire "Composition in Red and Yellow," and the almost sublime "Famous Irish Americans," which dares to make experimental digital video a scalpel-sharp tool for cutting through American racial politics. It's heady stuff to be sure, but meted with inviting humor and sensitivity. Don't miss.

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