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Director:Luc Besson
Cast:Rie Rasmussen, Jamel Debbouze, Gilbert Melki, SergeRiaboukine
Release Date:2007
Genre:Comedy, Romance

By John Thomason | Posted 9/12/2007

Since itís just a rehashed amalgam of Itís a Wonderful Life and Wings of Desire (with a little Girl on the Bridge thrown in), itís surprising Luc Bessonís heavenly love story Angel-A works at all. Itís compelling largely due to its appealing castóJamel Debbouze as a lowlife American in Paris whoís in debt to every thug on the street, and Rie Rasmussen as the angel in slut garb sent to save him the moment heís about to jump into the Seine. Besson shoots the movie in lush Cinemascope black and white, as much a love letter to the city as anything in Paris, Je Tíaime. For these reasons, itís easy to enjoy this metaphysical chatfest despite its cornball core, even when it morphs from a noir to a hokey romance. Angel-A is an odd bit of optimistic whimsy for Besson, a change of pace that makes you wonder if the movieís glaring derivations of previous angel fantasies didnít usurp his own original voice.

John Tomason

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