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The Brothers Solomon

The Brothers Solomon

Director:Bob Odenkirk
Cast:Will Arnett, Will forte, Chi McBride, Kristen Wiig, Malin Akerman
Release Date:2007

By Lauren Svrjcek | Posted 9/12/2007

John (Will Arnett) and Dean (Will Forte) Solomon are brothers who want to have a baby before their father dies to fulfill his dream of becoming a grandfather. Their social ineptness and seemingly innocent babymaking motives scares Jeanine (Kristen Wiig), the lucky surrogate, at first. As the movie goes on, Jeanine convinces the brothers that only the most prepared men will be allowed to touch her child, and the two shape up in comical sequences involving baby-proofing and diaper training. Despite their efforts, Jeanine has a change of heart after seeing an ecstatic new mother come into her Lamaze class, and reconsiders giving her baby to the brothers. If this sounds like an inflated comedy sketch, it is: The Brothers Solomon was written by Saturday Night Lives Forte and bases its humor in the brothers over-the-top agreeable attitudes toward each other, with punch lines often nothing more than goofy facial expressions. The simple production has little room for raunchy special effects, leaving this bare-bones comedy to garner all the chuckles on its own.

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