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Good Luck Chuck

Good Luck Chuck

Director:Mark Helfrich
Cast:Dane Cook, Jessica Alba, Dan Fogler
Release Date:2007

By Wendy Ward | Posted 9/26/2007

During a game of spin the bottle that goes south, tweens Charlie (Conner Price) and his BFF Stu (Troy Gentile) play off each other, and some girls in a closet, in Good Luck Chuck's funniest scene--it's a shame the scene occupies only the first 10 minutes of this stupid movie about a curse and fucking and tits and penguins. Seems every lady the grown-up Charlie (Dane Cook) beds meets the love of her life postcoital. Don't barf when he says he doesn't want to "take advantage." At least when his still best friend Stu (Dan Fogler), now a plastic surgeon, advises him to go get some, he means it. Plenty of boobies fly around, especially when Charlie goes on his fuck fest (Cook obviously has a hard-on for his prominently featured hard ass) even though he's already met the girl of his dreams, clumsy Cam (Jessica Alba). Sorry, boys: Alba ass, no Alba nip. Girl can't act real good, but she lets her freak flag fly for long enough to imagine a career in comedy if she could just hold it higher for longer. Cook's long, smug mug is less annoying on screen than behind a microphone, but there's something frightening in his ability to make his audience less funny, right? Can we get a witness? See, that's the best we got.

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