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The Seeker: The Dark is Rising

The Seeker: The Dark is Rising

Director:David L. Cunningham
Cast:Alexander Ludwig, Christopher Eccleston, Ian McShane, Frances Conroy, Wendy Crewson, Amelia Warner
Release Date:2007
Genre:Family, Fantasy, Adventure

By Bret McCabe | Posted 10/10/2007

THE SEEKER: THE DARK IS RISING The Stanton family are Americans living in a British hamlet outside London. Youngest son Will's (Alexander Ludwig) 14th birthday is coming as Christmas approaches, even though strange things are afoot in his life. He starts to notice weird patterns and swirls taking place before his eyes, he wields a boxer's strength at surprising times, and while shopping for a gift for his sis, he gets attacked by two demon-like security guards, one of which explodes into a murder of crows. A group of local "Old Ones"-James Cosmo, Frances Conroy, Jim Piddock, and Ian McShane-tell him what's going on: Will is the seventh son of a seventh son, the titular seeker in centuries old battle of light against dark, and he has to locate six signs in order to be able to fight the Rider (Christopher Eccleston). The Old Ones can help him out some-as may a local teenaged cutie (Amelia Warner)-but Will eventually has to battle the Rider on his own. Director David Cunningham threads this typical fantasy flick with a flurry of dynamic camera motions, oblique angels, and overall visual pizzazz, helping the kid-friendly tale go down easy. So does the 94 minute run time.

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