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Director:Bob Degus
Cast:Gabrielle Anwar, Henry Ian Cusick, Dave Baez
Release Date:2007

By Joe MacLeod | Posted 10/10/2007

It's the end of the world as we know it, and post-terrorism-apocalyptic couple Jessica (Gabrielle Anwar) and her annoying milquetoast realtor-husband William (Henry Ian Cusick) have retreated to their recently purchased isolated rural ranch to satisfy William's desire to be far from the madding crowd, as it were. However, instead of getting away from it all, they encounter Elias (Dave Baez), a handsome Mexican stranger who claims the house is his. For an interminable 98 minutes we watch the balance of power appear to slide between Elias, the guy who's been running the ranch for years, and William, the white Anglo-Saxon jerkoff who no habla Espaņol and ain't too handy around the house he paid for and legally holds title to, but there's no cell phone and no electricity, so who's the boss? Somewhere in between is Jessica, who does not appear to have remembered to pack a brassiere for the move. What will she do to survive? Hmm? A DVD of this movie would be a great gift for your favorite cuckold-fetishist.

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