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Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

By Joe MacLeod | Posted 12/26/2007

Lovable movie-mug John C. Reilly (Hard Eight, Talladega Nights) debases and de-pants himself in this sorta-funny (but not really too much) goof on Major Motion Picture music-legend biopics that features amazing production, art direction, and great vintage costumes and hairdos while it deadpan-skewers bullshit movie moments from flicks such as Ray, The Buddy Holly Story, Walk the Line, and probably a bunch more, but we lost interest and just got impatient with the plodding pace and inexorable presentation of dick jokes, poop gags, dunderheaded comedic gore, tits, ass, and (simmer down, itís flaccid) penis. While weíre waiting for somebody to please explain the presence of Saturday Night Live alums Chris Parnell and Tim Meadows in a comedy film, we invite you to meditate upon the main characterís surname and the title of the film. Terrific.

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