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By Cole Haddon | Posted 2/20/2008

Jumper isn't a comic-book movie, but it feels like one. The only problem is that its hero, David Rice (Hayden Christensen)--a guy who can teleport anywhere in the world--isn't really much of a hero at all. In fact, despite the movie's suggestions that Rice might develop a conscience--he lives a self-serving life of leisure financed by the banks he robs--he never rises up to do anything honorable except rescue the woman he loves (Rachel Bilson) from a vague organization of religious zealots called Paladins, who are led by Roland (a white-haired, familiarly menacing Samuel L. Jackson). The idea is that there are several of these mysterious genetic freaks, called "jumpers," floating around the world, all being secretly hunted by Roland's gang, which views them as unholy or some such hooey. Griffin (Jamie Bell) is one, too, and imagines himself as a hero of his kind, which is probably why he can't stand Rice; the two spend just as much time fighting each other as they do Roland. Unfortunately, they also spend too much time setting up story lines for a sequel--in a movie that is barely 90 minutes long as is--without ever worrying enough about the substantive character developments that would make you demand a follow-up.

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