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Director:Alfred Hitchcock
Cast:Ingrid Bergman, Gregory Peck, Michael Chekhov, Leo G. Carroll, Rhonda Fleming
Release Date:2008
Genre:Classic, Mystery

By Joe MacLeod | Posted 2/20/2008

Time has not been kind to master director/huckster Alfred Hitchcock's 1945 Theremin-enhanced foray into the world of psychoanalysis, so find a way to stifle your chuckle-response to inadvertent humor, and enjoy the performances: va-va-voom--and crazy, naturellement--Rhonda Fleming, erudite, English Leo G. Carroll, old-world European Michael Chekhov, and the stars, wholesome, scholarly, and, er, "unawakened" analyst Ingrid Bergman as Dr. Constance Petersen, and black-and-white-Hollywood-beautiful Gregory Peck as Dr. Anthony Edwardes, the new director of an in-patient psychiatric facility who arrived with more than his share of baggage--illuminated for the audience in arresting dream sequences designed by Salvador Dali--and wow, people smoke everywhere in 1945, and in case you're wondering later, you didn't imagine it, the movie is not quite all black-and-white.

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