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Made of Honor

By Lauren Svrjcek | Posted 5/7/2008

In the same vein as My Best Friend's Wedding but with a sex-role twist, Made of Honor tells the story of Tom (Patrick Dempsey) and Hannah (Michelle Monaghan), who have been best friends since the night in college when Tom crawled into bed with Hannah, mistaking her for his current one-night stand. Ten years later, Tom finally realizes he wants to get serious with Hannah when she goes away to Scotland on business and he has to spend six weeks without her. But Hannah meets a man overseas, and instead of having a romantic dinner upon her return, Tom realizes he's being asked to be her maid of honor in her upcoming wedding. The comedic elements in this romantic comedy work a lot better than the dramatic parts, and Dempsey and his basketball-playing guy pals have a couple of hilarious lines. The physical comedy is not as successful, and a scene in a restaurant with not one but two embarrassing food-flying-through-the-air slapstick moments is eye-rollingly cheap humor. Monaghan is responsible for the more honest emotional parts with her sweet face and the down-to-earth, almost naive nature of her character. And the leading couple works wonderfully together, making Made of Honor funny enough for men to sit through and cheesy enough for girly girls everywhere to applaud.

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