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Red Bone Guerillas

Red Bone Guerillas

Director:Jamyla And Pierre Bennu
Cast:Meilan Carter, Nicole Lang, Valerie Mitchell, Mario Moorhead
Release Date:2008

By Bret McCabe | Posted 8/6/2008

Local filmmaking husband and wife duo Jamyla and Pierre Bennu crafted this faux documentary about a theater workshop that spawns the titular street performance crew. The story is run of the mill: Filmmaker Bonita Evans wants to make a documentary about legendary New York actress Magenta Bergenstein, who runs a theater workshop where she tries to break her aspiring performers down to their emotional, elemental cores. Equal parts radical culture jamming, scream therapy, and Living Theatre antics, Magenta's seminar pushes her students until they push back, after which Magenta feels she doesn't need the headaches of such unwilling minds. Left to their own devices, the students decide to use their training to form the Red Bone Guerillas. Shot without a script and on the fly, Red Bone Guerillas really begins to take off once it moves out of the classroom and into the streets, where the group's antics--masked protests advocating that "fake fur is real murder," offering free hugs to passersby, becoming living talking heads inside of cardboard cutout "Fony" television screens, pretending to be blind pedestrians who pick up their canes to duel on the sidewalks--become ripe absurdist situations.

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