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Babylon A.D.

By Joe MacLeod | Posted 9/10/2008

First the good news: There's gonna be a fourth The Fast and the Furious flick, and this one will star the original cast of The Fast and the Furious. Hell yeah. Now on to this thing that ends up playing like a parboiled, pot-boiled regurge of every old poorly translated-from-the-original-language dystopian-future/paranormal/cosmic-story-with-drawings-of-naked-chicks we ever read in Heavy Metal magazine. And another thing: It says on the that the French version of this Vin Diesel-powered disappointment is 11 minutes longer than the USA version. Diesel plays Toorop, master badass mercenary, hired by Gorsky--an unrecognizable Gérard Depardieu--to transport pouty-lipped babe Aurora (Mélanie Thierry) to America. We don't think that's 11 minutes of anything more than Frenchness or gee-whiz future gimmicks there, we're just saying if you dig on the science-fiction flicks, maybe sit this one out and jerk it to some back issues of Métal Hurlant while you're waiting for the director's-cut DVD.

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