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Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories

Director:Adam Shankman
Cast:Adam Sandler, Keri Russell, Guy Pearce, Russell Brand, Teresa Palmer, Courtney Cox
Release Date:2008
Genre:Comedy, Family, Fantasy

By Al Shipley | Posted 12/24/2008

Disney's latest live-action feature is a typically wide-eyed, PG-rated family flick about magic and imagination. But it's also an Adam Sandler vehicle, and while his silly voices and lowbrow humor have always had a certain childlike appeal, he appears to chafe against the limitations of a project that allows for neither his cruder gags nor the occasional screaming rage. Try as he might to comfort himself with cameos by longtime cronies such as Rob Schneider and Allen Covert, Sandler looks so out of his element that his character, a faux-hawked fix-it man named Skeeter, comes off less a slacker than just plain sleepy. Still, Bedtime Stories manages to charm with its inventive fantasy premise, as the stories Skeeter tells his niece and nephew begin mysteriously coming true, and it's to the movie's credit that it expends no energy trying to explain or justify the fantasy device. At its best, not even cheap CGI or the most contrived speech impediment in child actor history can stall Bedtime Stories, and Brit comic Russell Brand (Forgetting Sarah Marshall), though also accustomed to working blue, easily outshines Sandler in a small supporting role.

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