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Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation

Cast:Christain Bale, Sam Worthington, Moon Bloodgood, Anton Yelchin, Helena Bonham Carter, Bryce Dallas Howard, Common
Release Date:2009
Genre:Action, Science fiction

By Joe MacLeod | Posted 5/22/2009

This is a movie that features Robots From the Future. It is also a franchise-sequel of a sciencer series started by James Cameron, and we never thought we would say something like this, but we totally miss the James Cameron wit in our Robots From the Future movies, seriously and no kidding. This iteration of Terminator is basically an unpleasant exercise, like that joke about hitting yourself with a hammer to enjoy how awesome it feels when you stop, and we walked out of the movie with the "BAM BAM BAM BAM-BAM; BAM BAM BAM BAM-BAM" Terminator noise metal-machine music signature theme persisting, but the sound design is our early-odds favorite for an Oscar win, seriously and again no kidding: the weirdness and clarity of the sound of all the shit getting fucked up, all those explosions and goddamn Terminator robots-and there's like, hundreds of the evil fuckers, walking, swimming, getting blowed up real good, they even got some flying Terminators fucking with Humanity-is the thing that propels the movie, certainly not the bleak black and brown colors in which the flick was shot, for that dystopian future look, nor the blurry action-fastballs director McG (We Are Marshall, Charlie's Angels, and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle) tries to blow past us to distract from the crap third-act editing, and most def not Christian Bale having a bleeding thrombo in every scene as John Connor, the guy who's under a lot of pressure on account of he's the one who is supposed to save the Earth from all the bad Machines that have taken over and are rounding up humans for God knows what. But with all that, we put up a T2-style sinking-into-the-molten-metal thumbs up to Anton Yelchin-who puts his appearance here as feisty resistance-fighter Kyle Reese together with his bit as Ensign Chekov in the new Star Trek reboot to go two-for-two as Plucky Young Man in a Sci-fi flick this season-Moon Bloodgood, who provides improbably cleave-tastic eye-relief as fighter pilot (for the Resistance to the Terminators, of course) Blair Williams, and tough-guy Sam Worthington, who, as an ex-con with a seriously twisted past, manages to underplay this piece right the fuck out from under American Psycho Bale. Other casualties/check-cashers include Common, Helena Bonham Carter, and B-Movie baritone badass Michael Ironside.

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