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The Proposal

By Anna Ditkoff | Posted 6/19/2009

The bar for romantic comedies has been set so low that if a couple has some chemistry, the plot a degree of internal logic, and the characters are remotely likable itís a victory. The Proposal accomplishes all these things, so while itís not an instant classic, itís something you could watch with enjoyment on a Saturday afternoon. Sandra Bullock plays Margaret, a high-powered publishing exec, who is loathed by her employees, especially her assistant Alex (Ryan Reynolds). When Margaret faces deportation she blackmails Alex into marrying her and they head to Alaska to convince his family they are in love and, in doing so, convince an INS investigator (Denis OíHare, overacting to the point of being grating). Bullockís bitchiness is never totally believable but she does vulnerable like nobodyís business, making her transformation feel real. Reynolds' generic good-guy character offers less to work with, but he is as charming as always. The supporting cast is strong with Betty White and The Officeís Oscar Nunez getting laughs every time they enter a scene. Bullock and Reynolds have more friend-istry than chemistry, but the whole thing is enjoyable and entertaining—and, these days, you can't ask for much more out of a rom-com.

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