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Law Abiding Citizen

Shirts and Skins: Gerard Butler prepares for glory.

By Joe MacLeod | Posted 10/16/2009

OK, our Theory of the Crime is that this movie could have been an above-average psycho-vigilante picture but somebody dumbed down the criminal mastermind's game so Academy Award-winner Jamie Foxx wouldn't look like a complete idiot as Nick Rice, a hotshot by-the-numbers prosecutor with sharp suits and a sharper haircut who works the justice machine and gets consistent results from the System, much to the dismay of Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler), who wants some justice, and starts killing everybody by remote control, because he is super-fucking smart. While there's certainly nothing more fun than watching Bad People die in new and inventive ways, there's a point early on here where you wonder if you're watching Law & Order: Saw, followed by the point where you start laughing when sorta regular people die, and then you find yourself rooting for the bad guy to just really do it, you know? Blow it all up, right? Just tear the whole thing down so it can be made right. The Movie Industry, we mean.

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