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Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity

Director:Oren Peli
Cast:Katie Featherston, Micah Sloat, Mark Fredrichs
Release Date:2009

By Robert Ignizio | Posted 10/28/2009

Consisting of supposed found video documenting a terrifying, possibly supernatural event, Paranormal Activity works on the same premise as The Blair Witch Project. Both movies are complete fiction, but there's nothing wrong with the "true story" gimmick if the movie is good, and that's not the case here. Micah (Micah Sloat) and Katie (Katie Featherston) are an unmarried couple who have just moved in together. Apparently an apparition of some kind has moved in with them, manifesting itself in their bedroom at night by making strange sounds. Katie is scared, but Micah thinks it's all fun and games as he sets up his video camera hoping to capture evidence of the mysterious entity. From this point on, the movie alternates between static scenes of the couple sleeping until some disturbance occurs and shaky-cam scenes of them arguing about what happened the next day. It's like watching a long, badly shot episode of Ghost Hunters with really annoying ghost hunters, except unlike those TV shows, something paranormal actually happens. Without a doubt there are some effectively creepy moments, but the limitations of the scenario make for a movie that can be tedious between scares.

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