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Despicable Me

By Joe MacLeod | Posted 7/7/2010

Nice to see a vocabulary-builder like "despicable" in the title of an animated flick aimed at kids, and there's a sequence that involves reading a book. Beyond that, the 3-D is no big deal, but this is a well-paced, fun, inventive, and surprisingly sappy-in-a-good-way picture about super-bad guy Gru, a despicable human being with an Edward Gorey-character appearance voiced amusingly in a Slavic accent by Steve Carell. Gru wants to steal something very big, and he rocks some killer steampunk-looking transportation and is flanked by other bad people, namely Dr. Nefario (Russell Brand, in a great geezer turn inhabiting a figure who looks an awful lot like Professor Farnsworth from Futurama, but whatever, he's funny), Vector (scene-stealer Jason Segel in a form we think looks like, well, Bill Gates), and a hoard of little Minions, who look like giant yellow Cheez Doodles, and are the perfect way to get around having characters suffer all sorts of violent acts and Untimely Ends, cutely. Also mega-cute are the little orphan girls, and be advised: This is a movie about super-criminals with super-technology, so yes, there is a freeze gun, and a flame gun, and a fart gun.

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