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Osmosis Jones

By Joe MacLeod | Posted

Petey and Bobby Farrelly, the Coen brothers of crap, plumb the depths of the alimentary canal in their latest salute to urine, mucus, vomit, and the white stuff that comes out of pimples. What is that stuff? Yuck! Plus, it's coming out of Bill Murray, yuck, who is Frank Detorri, a mild-mannered loser/widower with a needy daughter, Shane (Elena Franklin), who worries a lot about her dad, as he appears to be trying to achieve Death by Junk Food.

Shane wants Dad to eat better, exercise, and accompany her on the big school hiking trip. Frank would rather attend the big Buffalo Wings Festival in, uh, Buffalo (yuck). Complicating matters is a virulent infection Frank picks up in the first of many disgusting moments (yuck) in this live-action/animated family dramedy/cop thriller. That's when the cartoon action starts up, inside the City of Frank, where our titular character, a FrankPD white blood cell (voiced by Chris Rock), aided by time-release cold capsule Drix (David Hyde Pierce), battles the evil virus Thrax (voiced by Laurence "Don't You Ever Call Me 'Larry' Again Even Though That's How I Got Listed in the Original Apocalypse Now" Fishburne).

It's no Pokémon, but children should be temporarily diverted from their workaday worlds by all the gross-out gags, both in live-action and cartoon form (the violence is strictly on the cellular level and somewhat abstract). And childlike animation junkies will be treated to a smooth, stunning, state-of-the-art production (aren't they all like that now?) headed up by animation directors Piet Kroon (a storyboard artist for the celebrated The Iron Giant) and Tom Sito (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Aladdin) without having to sit through too much of that dry, boring, yucky old real movie world getting in between all the cool animated parts. Rated PG (some material may not be suitable for children) for guess what--bodily humor.

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