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The Sure Thing (1985)

By Tom Scocca | Posted

Why does history insist that Say Anything . . . was John Cusack's breakout film? He'd already nailed that quirkily charming leading-man thing four years earlier. Did about the same box-office too. Only this Rob Reiner-machined road-trip movie was a lot trimmer and sharper, with none of that soppy pleading-in-the-rain business. Our Hero is Walter "Gib" Gibson, a New England college freshman who wants to get laid. Word comes that a Sure Thing (Nicolette Sheridan, playing--actual credit--"The Sure Thing") awaits him in California. So he heads cross-country, catching a ride with Alison (Daphne Zuniga), a prissy schoolmate. Whaddaya know? He's a world-class bickerer. He's a beer-swilling free spirit. Does Daphne Zuniga, discombobulated by life on the road, loosen up and fall in love with him? Everybody loosens up and falls in love with him. He's John freakin' Cusack! Now and forevermore!

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