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Reuben, Reuben (1983)

Reuben, Reuben

Director:Robert Ellis Miller
Cast:Tom Conti, Kelly McGillis
Genre:Film, Drama

By Jack Purdy | Posted

Funny and touching, with one of the most shocking endings ever (I'm serious), Reuben, Reuben impressed Hollywood so much that Tom Conti grabbed a Best Actor Oscar nomination even though this determinedly "little" movie did equally small box office. But it came with an excellent pedigree, being based on a novel by America's master satirist, Peter De Vries, whose book was turned into a film script by Julius J. Epstein, co-writer of some movie called Casablanca. Together, they gave Conti the best role of his career as Gowan McGland, a randy, boozy Scottish poet clearly based on Dylan Thomas. McGland is happily embarked on a reading tour of American colleges, bedding complaisant faculty wives, when he runs smack into True Love in the shape of co-ed Geneva Spofford, played by Kelly McGillis at her most luminescent. Watching Conti ring the acting changes between drunken wild man and smitten boy is a remarkable treat. And if you ever thought about buying an English sheep dog, the title character--and the role he plays in the movie's denouement--will have you thinking twice.

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