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Ghosts Can't Do It (1991)

Ghosts Can't Do It

Director:John Derek
Cast:Bo Derek, Anthony Quinn
Genre:Film, Romance

By Jack Purdy | Posted

The lengthy obituaries for the recently departed Anthony Quinn went heavy on his two Oscars, his career-defining role as Zorba, his painting, sculpting, and procreating. Conspicuously absent was his role in this Bo Derek epic, made to capitalize on the popularity of the icky romantic drama Ghost, released the previous year. Quinn, at age 76, plays the husband of Derek's ludicrously named Katie O'Dare Scott. Hubby dies, but he's still so horny for Katie that he comes back as a ghost only she can see and hear. Being randy herself, Katie contrives to drown a young man so her husband can take over the body. Carrying out this vile scheme naturally involves much artistically necessary nudity. Ratcheting the film into so-bad-it's-good territory are supporting turns by Julie Newmar, Don Murray, whiz-bang defense attorney Gerry Spence (playing a preacher), and, yes, Donald Trump as Himself. As for the aged co-star . . . well, Quinn did sire 13 children by five women, so he probably needed the money--and no doubt understood his character's motivation.

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